Neither of us is Dutch, but we both instantly fell in love with Amsterdam and the charm of the city. We both also instantly knew Astrid would be the right person to make our Dutch destination wedding a reality.

She understood what we wanted and always let our vision guide the decision making. We never felt as if we were being pushed in certain directions or vendors or venues, which was a common theme with other planners we spoke to.

Astrid simply listened and provided her expertise to make those things happen; and she continuously asked for feedback so she could tailor the information being sent and always stayed on plan with what we wanted.

Astrid was really easy to communicate with while abroad and get all the details, pictures, links info etc. for the venues, vendors, and anything else while we narrowed down our choices, before and after our in person planning trip.

Speaking specifically for someone who chose Amsterdam as a destination wedding, aside from the actual wedding day, Astrid was of biggest help to us prior to the wedding day with all the logistics of a destination wedding, many of which we admittedly did not think of, or anticipate in advance.

* Many of our guests were not frequent travelers like us, and we initially took it for granted that in
   Amsterdam, everyone could easily figure it out themselves. Especially since most are English
   speakers. We severely underestimated the help we would need to research hotels, contact about
   group rates, plan how everyone would get to and from things like the ceremony, etc. Ask anyone
   that has a destination wedding anywhere, and they will all tell you that whether you want to or
   not, you end up being a travel agency for your entire family, even for the simplest of things like
   Uber questions or trains and trams. Astrid helped with all the little random questions and gave us
   recommendations and suggestions for everything. As comfortable and familiar as we were with
   the city, in hindsight we don’t think we could have done this as well without her insight and

* Another huge help for a destination wedding, her planning of our time when we visited… so we
   could utilize the days to meet with her and vendor and venues, but also enjoy our vacation there
   and see in person some of her recommendations for highlights in the city.

* They say one of the advantages of a destination wedding is that you get to spend the whole
   weekend with your guests, rather than just a few hours… Astrid also helped us plan several great
   things for our guests the weekend of; her recommendations never failed, and with her help the
   vendors and venues went above and beyond to do everything right. She even suggested many
   things we had not thought about and turned out to be highlights of the trip. She helped us
   arrange a private tour for our families to the Museum were we did our ceremony, an afternoon
   tea gathering for our parents, a cocktail hour at our favorite bar the night before the wedding for
   all the guests… and the list goes on.

* Speaking from the bride side, her local contacts and recommendations also made it easy for some
   of the things that would be harder in a destination wedding, like hair and makeup, where to hold
   the dress, having the veil steamed prior to, making me and my friends a nail appointment the day
   before etc… Astrid thought of it all and arranged everything so I never had to think about any of
   the logistics and could simply enjoy my time with the guests the entire wedding weekend!

From the planning, to the day of, to the few pieces that always linger after, you can count on Astrid to make every part of the process easy, enjoyable, and above all, memorable! She is a perfectionist that goes above and beyond to make sure every moment of the planning is as happy as the day of!

Above all, her contacts, expertise, and meticulous follow up made us realize that even in a city where almost everyone speaks some English, the local touch and language makes all the difference in the world!!

Thanks! Keti and Mark

Wedding venues: Museum van Loon and Restaurant The White Room 

Photographer: Imagine Fotografie

Museum van Loon & The White Room

Keti & Mark

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